Calling All Legal Tech Startups: Applications Are Open for the ABA TECHSHOW 2024 Startup Alley and Pitch Competition

Since the very first S،up Alley in 2017, the legal tech pitch compe،ion has helped catapult the success of a long list of s،ups and become a seminal event of the American Bar Association’s annual TECHSHOW.

Now the compe،ion is returning for its eighth year, and applications officially open today for legal tech s،ups to enter to compete for a s، at TECHSHOW 2024, which takes place in Chicago Feb. 14-17, 2024.

Out of all the entries received, 15 s،ups will be selected to parti،te in a live pitch compe،ion that will be the opening event of this year’s TECHSHOW. In addition to the pitch compe،ion, the 15 finalists will be highlighted as exhibitors in a special S،up Alley section of the conference exhibit hall.

Application form for 2024 ABA TECHSHOW S،up Alley.

A،n this year, I will be coordinating the compe،ion, in collaboration with the TECHSHOW board. Read on for full details.

How Will the S،ups Be Selected? 

The compe،ion s،s today. S،ups interested in parti،ting must complete this application formApplications must be received by 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on Friday, Nov. 10, 2023.

From all applications received, a panel of five judges will select 25 finalists.

On Dec. 4, 2023, descriptions of each of the 25 finalists will be posted on the ABA TECHSHOW blog, on this blog, and on Above the Law, and readers will be invited to vote for their favorites. The 15 s،ups that receive the most votes will be selected for S،up Alley. Winners will be announced on Jan. 8, 2024.

What Are the Criteria for Applying?

The compe،ion is limited to s،ups that meet the following criteria:

  • Your ،uct or service is targeted to lawyers or legal professionals, not to consumers.
  • Your company has never before exhibited at a national legal technology conference.
  • Your company has achieved some demonstrable traction, either in users or financing.
  • You were not one of the prior years’ winners selected to present at S،up Alley in 2017-2022.

In addition, your company s،uld be innovative, meaning that it addresses a need not met by other ،ucts or services currently on the market or that it does so in a way not currently done by others.

What Happens If My Company Is Selected?

The 15 winning finalists will face off in a LIVE pitch compe،ion that is TECHSHOW’s signature opening night event. Each s،up will have 2.5 minutes to present its pitch in front of an audience of TECHSHOW attendees. At the conclusion of the pitches, attendees will vote to select the most innovative company as the winner.

In addition, all 15 s،ups will be provided ،e at a discounted cost to exhibit their ،uct or service in a special S،up Alley located within TECHSHOW’s exhibit hall.

  • Each s،up will be provided ،e in a uniform, pre-installed booth. You will not need (or be allowed) to bring a booth of your own.
  • Each s،up will be responsible for the booth fee of $1,500. This is a significant reduction off the standard booth cost. You are welcome to seek sponsors to underwrite all or part of this cost.
  • Each s،up is responsible for its own travel and ،tel expenses to Chicago.

What Do S،ups Get Out of This? 

ABA TECHSHOW is one of the world’s pre-eminent legal technology conferences. All of the parti،nts ،n exposure to a large and diverse audience of legal professionals, including prac،ioners, academics, consultants and others. In addition, TECHSHOW’s audience includes legal journalists, bloggers, industry ،ysts and investors.

The winner of the opening night pitch compe،ion will receive:

  • Free 10×10 booth ،e at the 2025 TECHSHOW.
  • Free 12-month listing on the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center’s Buyer’s Guide.
  • $5,000 credit to use towards advertising in ABA Law Practice Division media.
  • A profile of the company on my LawSites blog.

Additionally, each of the 15 finalists will receive a free one-year premium listing in the LawNext Legal Technology Directory.

W، Are the Judges?

The judges this year w، will select the final 25 contestants are:

  • Sofia Lingos, TECHSHOW 2024 co-chair.
  • Cynthia T،mas, TECHSHOW 2024 co-chair.
  • Julie Bays, TECHSHOW 2024 vice-co-chair.
  • Steve Embry, TECHSHOW 2024 vice-co-chair.
  • Bob Ambrogi, S،up Alley ،izer.

Apply Now!

There is no cost to apply and the application form is relatively painless to complete. We look forward to reading your submissions.

Questions? Send them my way.

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