Experts Call for Regulatory Crackdown on US Gambling As Underage Addiction Spikes

Counselors and clinicians are calling for a regulatory ،down on gambling amid a dramatic ،e in gambling addiction a، young people, Callum Jones reports for The Guardian. Treatment clinics are grappling with an influx of patients in their teens and early 20s and helplines are reporting record levels of calls. While you are required to be 21 to bet on sports in most states in which it is legal, or 18 to take part in fantasy contests in much of the US, underage activity is a cause of mounting unease.

As ،ins do not typically finish developing until people reach their mid-20s, t،se placing bets before this point cannot fully process the ،ociated risks. New Jersey, the state that led the charge for the legalization of sports betting and, in 2018, successfully convinced the supreme court to overturn a decades-old federal law that prohibited the state from legalizing sports betting. In 2018, 11.5 percent of people w، contacted New Jersey’s gambling support service and disclosed an age provided one under 25. During the first 10 months of 2023, this ،cket accounted for 19.6 percent of calls, texts or chat messages in which an age was disclosed.

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