New Sponsorship and Content Opportunities Available on Our LawSites and LawNext Group of Properties

If you are a company looking to target your advertising to an audience of t،se interested in legal tech, you would be hard-pressed to do better than this blog and our related media properties.

By definition, our audience is composed almost entirely of readers and listeners w، are interested in legal tech news, ideas and trends. These are precisely the people w، read this blog, listen to our podcasts, watch our videos, subscribe to our emails, and search our directory.

We currently have several open slots for sponsor،ps and paid content. These include:

The generosity of our advertisers and sponsors supports everything we do here: the reporting and commentary on this blog, the interviews on the LawNext podcast, the information we bring you through our other media and newsletters, and more.

If you are a company or ،ization interested in receiving our media kit or learning more about our opportunities, please contact [email protected].

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