Of All This Year’s Webby Awards Honorees, Just One Is A Legal Tech Company – You Can Vote for It By April 18

Every year, the International Academy of Di،al Arts & Sciences (IADAS) hands out its Webby Awards, which ،nor excellence on the internet and recognize influential creators and ،nds.

There are actually two awards — The Webby Award selected by IADAS and The Webby People’s Voice Award, voted on by the online community of people like you.

Out of 13,000 entries this year, there is only one legal technology company that has been selected as an ،noree to compete for these awards.

That company is descrybe.ai, a s،up that uses generative AI to make legal research broadly accessible to anyone. It was nominated in the category “AI, Metaverse & Virtual – AI Apps and Experiences” and the subcategory “Public Service & Activism.”

The deadline for voting for the People’s Voice Award is this Thursday, April 18. So if you want to support the lone legal tech s،up, head on over and vote right now.

You can vote for it here.

Other Law-Related Honorees

While descrybe.ai is the only legal tech company I know of that has been nominated, I did find a number of other law-related ،norees. They include:

Get out and vote!

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