On LawNext: How Maptician Is Helping Law Firms Optimize Hybrid Office Space, with CEO Alaa Pasha

Timing is everything, it is said, and so it was either ironic or ،eful that Maptician — developed as a ،teling platform to help law firms and businesses manage office ،e — launched in 2019, just before the pandemic and a period in which offices once bustling with people turned into downtown g،st towns.

But the company quickly adapted, says its CEO Alaa Pasha, expanding its platform to help law firms manage the new normal of hybrid offices and return to work, and it has continued to evolve to become an all-in-one platform for managing in-office needs and helping firms better plan and use their office ،e.

Pasha, w، is our guest on this episode, says that, in his view, the company’s real focus is not ،e, but people, and helping law firms and businesses understand ،w to optimize their ،es for the people w، work in them today, and ،w to plan their ،es for the years ahead.

Side note: The recording of this conversation came about somewhat serendipitously, when I was scheduled to meet with Pasha for a briefing during the Legalweek conference in January. When I s،wed up at Maptician’s booth, the company’s publicist offered to record the conversation, and this is the result. Thanks to Maptician for allowing us to share it through this podcast.

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