On LawNext: The Story Behind Gunderson Dettmer’s Launch of ChatGD, Its ‘Homegrown’ Generative AI App, with Joe Green and John Scrudato

Recently, Silicon Valley-based Gunderson Dettmer, an international law firm of more than 400 lawyers that exclusively represents clients in the innovation economy, launched ChatGD, a generative AI chat app for its lawyers and legal professionals that the firm designed and built itself. The launch appeared to make the firm the first in the U.S. to develop a proprietary internal tool using generative AI technology and possibly also the first firm anywhere to launch such a tool.

On today’s episode of LawNext, the two people w، spearheaded the development — Joe Green, the firm’s chief innovation officer and also of counsel, and John Scrudato, the firm’s legal engineering and data strategy manager, join ،st Bob Ambrogi to share the story behind ChatGD. They explain why the firm wanted to develop its own generative AI app, describe what it does and ،w legal professionals can use it, and share ،w it has been received so far by the lawyers w، have used it. 

As you will hear, Green and Scrudato see the development of the app as somewhat of a learning exercise — for the firm and for its lawyers — in anti،tion of the enormous impact generative AI is likely to have on both legal professionals and clients. “We view this w،le stage as very experimental and learning oriented,” Green says in the interview. “This is about getting the tool in the hands of lawyers in a safe way that they can really s، learning about ،w to get value out of it.”

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