This New Catalog for Corporate Legal Teams (Or Any Legal Professional) Brings the Comical to Contracts

A remote-controlled race car that redlines do،ents? A slings،t for laun،g litigation? A “Yes, But …” ،on for testing out your legal theories?

These are just some of the ،ucts available through the new online store LawLawLand, launched by the contract management company S،Draft.

While oriented towards in،use legal teams, the ،ucts could be the perfect gag gifts for any legal professional.

I mean, what litigator wouldn’t want the “Subpoena Supper A،,” with the tagline, “I grill before I sue”? What sleepless ،ociate wouldn’t want a “justice is blind” blindfold to use as a sleep mask?

The store offers “a whimsical world where contracts come with a punchline, and compliance is a cause for chuckles,” it says. “Our shelves are stocked with gag gifts that speak the solemn language of law, but with a witty twist.”

Of course, it is no joke that this store is laun،g on April 1, and I’d be a fool if I didn’t tell you you’ll come across an Easter Egg hidden there.

But that’s just part of the fun.



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