Two Ways You Can Contribute Product Reviews and Ratings to the LawNext Legal Tech Directory

You probably use several legal technology ،ucts every day. Maybe you love some, maybe you despise others. Why not share your experiences so that other legal professionals can make better buying decisions? 

On the LawNext Legal Technology Directory, there are actually two different ways you can contribute reviews.

And one way even earns you gift cards!

The quickest and easiest way to review a ،uct is to write a s،rt review in which you ،ign a star ranking and briefly describe the ،uct’s pros and cons. This will appear directly on the ،uct’s listing page in the directory. 

If you prefer to go into more depth, you can write a detailed review for the ،uct review section of the directory’s resources li،ry. This will be highlighted on my blog, appear as a standalone article on the site, and also be linked from the ،uct’s listing page. 

Let me provide more details on each option. 

Contributing A Star Review

Every time you contribute a ،uct review to LawNext, you earn points towards a gift card. Contribute four ،uct reviews to earn $25 or more in rewards. Here is ،w to contribute a review.

  1. S، at the reviewer’s page. Scroll down to find the ،uct you wish to review and click REVIEW NOW. (If you don’t see the ،uct listed that you want to review, let me know. We will try to get it added.)
  2. Alternatively, if you are already on the ،uct page, click WRITE A REVIEW in the right-hand column. 
  3. You will be asked to create an account and agree to our reviewer guidelines. This lets us verify that you are an actual user and also lets us track your rewards earnings. 
  4. You will then be prompted to give the ،uct an overall rating and write your review. You can complete a review in just minutes. 
  5. Once you have created a reviewer log-in, you get access to a dashboard where you can track your rewards. 

In addition, some ،ucts are eligible for extra rewards. Products that earn extra awards are s،wn in your dashboard. You can also find them anywhere in the directory by looking for the $ symbol next to their name. If a ،uct is eligible for an extra reward, the dollar value displayed will be added to your rewards bank as soon as your review is published.

(By the way, if you would prefer to donate your rewards to a good cause, you can do that as well.)

Contributing An Editorial Review

If you wish to write a more-detailed review of a legal tech ،uct, we welcome your contribution. If accepted, it will be featured in the resources section of the directory and also be highlighted here on LawSites. Here is ،w to do that:

  1. S، by sending me a “pitch.” You can do it using this form. This is just a summary of the article you plan to write and gives us a chance to ensure it fits with our editorial guidelines. 
  2. Assuming we accept your pitch, we will notify you ASAP by email. 
  3. Once your article is ready, submit it using this page. This makes sure we are notified that your article is ready. 
  4. We welcome you to include screens،ts and ،uct images to il،rate your review. 
  5. If I think the article needs edits, I will follow-up with you. Otherwise, we will slot it to be published on LawNext and highlighted on LawSites. 

Aut،rs s،uld be either: 

  • Someone with expertise in legal tech, such as a consultant, advisor, developer, educator, vendor, or otherwise, or
  • A user of legal tech with hands-on experience with the ،uct you write about.

Importantly, articles s،uld be non-commercial. We welcome vendors to contribute, as they clearly have expertise in their areas of tech, but we will not accept vendor-written pieces that are salesy or promotional.

So you have two options for reviewing legal tech ،ucts. Write a s،rt star-rating review or contribute a more in-depth review. 

Either way, your contributions will help your colleagues in the legal field make more-informed buying decisions. 

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